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Michael R. LeGault is an award-winning journalist, author, consultant and public speaker. Michael has a B.S. degree from the University of Michigan and a M.S. degree from the University of Miami (FL). He has given keynote speeches on the importance of critical thinking to the CIA, Department of Interior, the Heritage Foundation (broadcast on C-Span) and numerous companies and trade organizations. His widely acclaimed book Think! Why Crucial Decisions Can’t Be Made in the Blink of an Eye (2006) was the first book published under Simon and Schuster’s new Threshold imprint headed by former White House consultant Mary Matalin. Michael’s new book, The Next American Revolution: How the American Government Stole the American Dream and How We Can Get it Back, (September 2011) takes a bold, original and controversial look at the causes of America’s declining standard of living, and includes hard-hitting proposals for changing the direction the country, revitalizing the middle-class and recovering the American Dream.
Michael’s keynote speech topics are built around the themes annunciated in his two books:
The Importance of Critical Thinking in a Digital World: Contrary to popular perception, the internet and social media have made critical thinking skills more, not less, relevant to an organization’s or individual’s success. Despite the digital revolution, content is still king. Michael reviews the key components of critical thinking—assumption or claim, evidence or observation, testing/conclusion—and illustrates by case studies and concrete examples how CT still provides businesses and people the best means to generate the superior content or product upon which all success depends. Technology is shown to be a tool or enabler, not a substitute for critical thinking. Because technology is a tool, it is vitally important that people learn how to use IT in the correct way. Michael argues that the biggest challenge facing entrepreneurs, businesses and parents today is managing technology and provides the audience with tips for avoiding IT pitfalls and, conversely, maximizing IT’s potential for improving critical thinking.
Kick-starting Innovation: Using Old Ideas to Create New Ones: The best things in life are free and that includes the ideas that seed all innovations, discoveries and creativity. Einstein’s groundbreaking theory of special relativity grew out of a mish-mash of ideas that had been in circulation for many years. Facebook was created from a social networking site initially limited to students on the Harvard campus. In the 1990s Proctor and Gamble revisited the idea of the humble floor mop, the result being a product, the Swiffer, that has generated nearly a billion dollars in sales. Whether you are in business, the arts, science or government, you are in global competition for ideas and new ways of doing things that will give you an edge. In this presentation, Michael will show you how to kick-start innovation with a method that, for the first time, completely quantifies the creative process. Michael will demonstrate, among other things, the three key ways of generating new ideas from old ideas, as well as the critical techniques and skills needed to bring the new idea into fruition.
Righting the ship: Where America Went Wrong and What It Will Have to Do to Avoid the Fate of the Declining Empire: Everything that is happening in America today has befallen all the great empires that have come before it, from Rome to Spain to Victorian Great Britain. The pattern is the same: Excessive spending, debt, borrowing and, inevitably, high rates of taxation. But decline is not necessarily preordained if we know and understand the root causes of America’s perpetual drift toward bigger and bigger government and our dependency on government—a dependency that the vast majority of Americans do not want or need. Drawing on a wealth of research that clearly correlates America’s decline with the political ascendancy of the liberal/progressive agenda, Michael concludes this speech with a list of reforms that need to be implemented within the next five to ten years. These reforms are needed if America is to avoid the fate of a declining empire and recover the social/economic system that made it the world’s only superpower, created the highest middle-class living standards in the world and turned it into a magnet attracting the brightest and most ambitious people around the world.

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